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domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Feliz Dia del Blog


Hoy festejamos porque hoy se festeja el dia del blog!!!!

Aca Tengo una imagen

Saludos a todos los blogueros
Tomas y Joaquin

miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2008

Wallpapers Del GTA IV!!!!!!!!!

Hola : aqui les damos un par de Wallpapers del GTA IV:


GTA IV Desktop


GTA IV Desktop


GTA IV Desktop


GTA IV Desktop

Tarjeta Informativa: Turismo


This vehicle currently has no image
Mass:1500 kg Value:$110000
Top Speed:336 km/h (208 mph) Acceleration (0-100 km/h):5.3 seconds
Drive:RWD Number of Gears:5
Brakes:| Suspension:|
Deformation Resistance:| Weapon Resistance:|
Collision Durability:| Engine Durability:|

Tarjeta Informativa: Banshee

hola miren esta ficha informativa de el banshee del GTA IV:


This vehicle currently has no image
Mass:1500 kg Value:$80000
Top Speed:336 km/h (208 mph) Acceleration (0-100 km/h):4.4 seconds
Drive:RWD Number of Gears:5
Brakes:| Suspension:|
Deformation Resistance:| Weapon Resistance:|
Collision Durability:| Engine Durability:|
Despues publicaremos mas

Una Pagina Maravillosa del GTA IV !!!!!!


Si les gusta istericamente el GTA IV entren a este sitio:
Espero que les guste como a nosotros nos encanto.
Dudas a

Informe del GTA IV ¡En Ingles!

To the Five Boroughs

Things will be different. Rockstar North has wiped the slate clean, shutting the book on the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy and choosing to start anew. Gone are the days of zombie-like pedestrians, robotic law enforcement and stale surroundings. Liberty City has returned as the setting for Grand Theft Auto IV, but this isn't the Liberty City that we have embraced for over half a decade.

Liberty City Map

Bigger, grittier, and more brutal than ever, Liberty City is back with a vengeance in Grand Theft Auto IV. Four of the five boroughs of New York -- plus a portion of New Jersey -- have been recreated from the bottom up in an attempt to finally nail the atmosphere of New York City. Brooklyn has become Broker. Queens has become Dukes. Manhattan has become Algonquin. The Bronx has become Bohan. And New Jersey has become Alderney. (Although Staten Island has no counterpart in GTA IV, the reasoning from Rockstar is justifiable - it just wouldn't be any fun to play.)


ALGONQUIN - "Self-proclaimed center of everything."

Cultural center of the world, commercial center of the world, financial center of the world. If Algonquin residents could have it their way, the region would also be considered the epicenter of everything in the known universe. A word of warning to the inquisitive traveler: questioning the integrity of Algonquin's self-righteous and artificially-sweetened natives will likely get you shot.


BROKER - "Churches, hipsters and housing projects."

The region of Broker is rich in American history, and equally rich in Eastern European immigrants. As of late, the district has also taken to "sprucing up" its ragged image through the restoration of older, run-down neighbourhoods. Don't let Carney Island fool you, though; Broker is just as rough-and-tumble as any other Liberty City district.


DUKES - "Like the suburbs, only worse."

The closest thing to sanity that could possibly be found in Liberty City, complete with overpriced condominiums and unavailable parking. You may even be tempted to refer to the district as "comfortable". Diverse and densely populated, Dukes is home to both the Francis International Airport and Steinway Beer Garden.


BOHAN - "Ripe for re-development."

Neglected and disrespected, Bohan is the closest thing to hell that you can find in the city (and that's saying something). This northernmost district of Liberty has been torn apart by decades of destructive violence. If you find yourself wandering into Bohan, don't just lock your doors -- weld them shut!


ALDERNEY - "Industrial wasteland meets suburban hell."

If Algonquin is the privileged child of the Liberty City family, then Alderney is most definitely the retarded younger brother -- an endless sea of run-down homes peppered with phallus-like smokestacks thrusting into the sickly clouds above. Simply put? Nobody wants to live in Alderney, and those that are unfortunate enough to live in the district desperately want to get out.

Sorry,pero hay gente de estados unidos que entran y no entienden español

Por eso lo hicimos en Ingles a esta Nota ¡¡¡PERDON!!!!

martes, 19 de agosto de 2008

Gta Chinatown Wars!!!


En la pagina de Rockstar dicen que se va a estrenar el GTA chinatown wars para nintendo DS

Se va estrenar este verano asi que si tienen la DS ahorrense un poco de plata y esperen para comprarlo

Cualquier duda manden un mail a


Tomas y Joaquin

Bloopers del GTA IV!!!!!

Miren este gracioso video del GTA IV:

Gracioso ¿no? jajajajaja.....

GTA IV solo para playstation 3 y xbox360¡Ya no!

Segun algunos foros de la internet ,critican a Rockstar por haber hecho uno de los mejores y mas entretenidos juegos de la historia solo para playstation 3 y xbox360.Hasta Ahora...
En septiembre, Rockstar planea sacar el GTA IV para PC!!!!!!!!
Asi que si eres fanatico pero no puedes comprar semejante aparato y cuentas con una computadora modernosa , Instalalo y a jugar durante 87 dias seguidos al juego mas adictivo de todos el : GTA IV

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

GTA 4 Misiones 1


Aqui empezamos con las misiones del GTA 4

Nombre: The Cousins Bellic

¿Les sirve?

Cualquier duda manden un mail a o comenten


Tomas y Joaquin

martes, 12 de agosto de 2008

Perdon Por No Publicar Tanto


Perdon por no publicar tanto.Lo que pasa es que buscamos mucho pero no hay muchas cosas.Aguantennos un rato y vamos a publicar mas seguido


Tomas y Joaquin

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

Easter Eggs del GTA 4


Buscando videos encontramos este videazo del GTA 4

Muy buen video.

Cualquier duda pregunten mandando un mail a


Tomas y Joaquin